Office of the Executive Director

Greg Tolhurst
Georgina Stow
Director Legal Jennifer Pearce

Services and Benefits

Chris Winslow, BA(Hons) MIntS DIM
Michelle Nisbet

Shared Services Department

Manager Shared Services Kim Kemp, LLB
Document Controller / Record Management Kim Ellis
Receptionist Maree Fitzgerald, BDesign
Records Administrator/Facilities Management/Receptionist Mel Whitehorn
Events Coordinator Hayden Doria
Gemma Southgate

Finance Department

Basil Catsaros, B Comm. CA
Assistant Accountant Lubaina Paisawala

Law Reform and Public Affairs

Alastair McConnachie, LLB
Senior Policy Lawyer Roshana Wikramanayake, BEc LLB
Senior Policy Lawyer Ting Lim, LLB
Policy Lawyer Elizabeth Pearson, BA JD

Bar Library

Lisa Allen, B App Sc(Info) M Inf Stud
Assistant Librarian Leonie Anderson, B.App.Sc. (Info)
Technical Services Librarian Emma Sellwood

Professional Conduct Department

Jocelyn Sparks, LLB (Hons)
Senior Lawyer Angela Huang, B.Bus LLB
Lawyer, Professional Conduct Jessica Smith
Lawyer, Professional Conduct Marilyn Cox
Lawyer, Professional Conduct  Shar Doudman
Abha Malla
Senior Administrative Assistant, Professional Conduct Corinne Gilbert

Legal Assistance

Heather Sare
Ray Burgess

Professional Development Department

Bali Kaur, BA (Hons)
Tiffany McDonald, LLB
Education Assistant Courtney Ford

IT Contractors

Darren Covell
Matthew Vickers