Price - $15,000.00  $10,000.00 (which includes $5,343.46 being 3 months' rent in advance paid out by me to prior room owner and security deposit held by chambers being transferred to me).

Monthly rent:  $1,914.70 (inc GST) - $1,740.64 + GST

Clerk & Library*:  $1,622.50 (inc GST) - $1,475.00 + GST

* If you are a practitioner less than 5 years’ call, it may be that you will receive a concessional clerk and library rate. (Inquiries should be made of the clerk to chambers about that.)

Containing cupboard space, shelf space for books and briefs and a small robing cupboard.  The room has recently received a fresh coat of paint, but it is basically a blank canvas which a new occupant can put their own stamp on.

Located on level 5, this is a well presented room with a window facing onto Elizabeth Street.  The immediate floor consists of 2 silks and 12 junior counsel (one presently occupying a reader’s room).  A prospective member joining chambers would of course have access to other silks and junior counsel on levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 of chambers.

Frederick Jordan Chambers is the largest and most diverse set out barristers’ chambers in New South Wales, with chambers having a strong reputation in practice areas such as plaintiff personal injury and property damage matters, planning and environment, employment and IR and family law / care and protection matters.  Other areas in which members are becoming known for include defendant insurance, migration, criminal law and increasingly, commercial litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Within chambers, there is also a small but growing contingent of Asian-Australian members and others who have deep connections with both the Asian business and legal professional community.

All inquiries concerning the room can be addressed to the clerk to chambers on 9229 7333 or by email to