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The Coronavirus crisis is certainly creating havoc in the workplace, with many professionals and staff having to work remotely from home.

This brings into question how workflows are being maintained and utilised; one has to take into account how Solicitors and Barristers are getting their typing processed; are they having to send their work into a central workstation to then be distributed to the available workers, etc?

With growing costs, law firms are encouraging lawyers to type their own documents. Is this an efficient use of resource?  Lawyers are without doubt the most expensive resource in a practice, and generally are not proficient in the use of Word with all the legal formatting required for court papers etc.

What, then, are the options?

Just as outsourcing has become a useful way of operating when it comes to IT development and other skills, so too are legal firms looking to outsource their typing.  By dictating the required documents and sending it electronically to an outsourced specialist, they are able to save costs on dedicated typing resource and maximise the efficacy of the lawyers themselves.

One such service is Perth based Dictate 2Me, owned and operated by Leonie Nick.  Leonie has over 30 years’ experience in legal word processing; encompassing all areas of legal practice including legal opinions, complex agreements, deeds, pleadings, minutes, resolutions, witness statements and general correspondence. This experience is across all practice areas including corporate and commercial, wills and estates, mining and resources, family law, building and construction and commercial litigation in the District Court, Supreme Court and Federal Courts. 

Lawyers can dictate and email their files in any format, e.g. MP3 or DSS and it will be returned to you efficiently and accurately completed. In addition Dictate2Me also do formatting of documents that have been transcribed from Dragon or some other software

Benefits include:

  • A highly confidential service - nationally; 
  • A timely and precise service; 
  • A one-day turnaround in most cases;

For more information, contact Leonie Nick on:

Tel : 0409 687 449

Email:      leejay@dictate2me.com.au

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