NSW Senior Counsel Appointments

Prior to 1993 silks were referred to as QC or KC (KC from 1901-1952) depending on the reigning sovereign – they commenced being referred to as SC on and from 1993. Please note that formal titles and/or post nominals that may have been held by an individual on their appointment as a silk have been omitted.

Note: An individual is not listed here if it is know he/she was appointed silk in another jurisdiction prior to taking silk status in NSW where this is known.

Name Date of appointment External links
Johnston, Hugh Phillip Walmsley 1982
Hamilton, John Perry 1982
Badgery-Parker, Jeremy 1982
Smart, Rex Foster 1982
Hulme, Robert Shallcross 1982
Robberds, Lionel Philip 1982
Graham, Peter Ross 1982
Larbalestier, Barry John Eugene 1982
Bruce, Vince 1982
Finnane, Michael John 1982
Rayment, Brian Wade 1982
James, Gregory Reginald 1982
Tuckfield, John Henton 1983
MacGregor, Malcolm Alexander McLeod 1983
Pritchard, John Adrian McNair 1983
Murphy, Dennis Robert 1983
Grieve, Donald Edward 1983
Moss, Peter James 1983
Stitt, Robert Reginald 1983
Downes, Garry Keith 1983
Madgwick, Rodney Neville 1983
Luland, Charles Allan 1983
Trew, John Labatt 1983
Landa, David Paul 19 November 1984
Lord, Lionel Robert Harry 19 November 1984
Downs, Leslie Joseph 19 November 1984
Puckeridge, Anthony Francis 19 November 1984
Abadee, Alan Richard 19 November 1984
Gee, Christopher Grenville 19 November 1984
Bryson, John Purdy 19 November 1984
Webb, Paul 19 November 1984
Giles, Roger David 19 November 1984
Whealy, Anthony Gerrard 19 November 1984
Levine, David Daniel 19 November 1984
Gross, Bernard John 19 November 1984
Kenzie, Richard Curtis 19 November 1984
Hill, Donald Graham 19 November 1984
Twigg, Philip Adrian 19 November 1984
Armitage, Graham Hamlyn Traill 1985
Daley, Robert Max 1985
Kelly, Bernard John 1985
Tolhurst, Anthony Frederick 1985
Neil, Maurice James 1985
Stratton, Bruce Thomas 1985
Ireland, Morris David 1985
Glissan, James Lindsay 1985
Flemming, Priscilla 1985
Oslington, Bruce Clifford 1985
Officer, David Peter Forbes 1985
Kirby, David 1985

Note for interest

William Charles Wentworth, admitted in 1824 with Robert Wardell as foundation barristers in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, was accorded the distinction of wearing a silk gown in February 1835 – the first in private practice to be so recognised (Sydney Gazette, 12 February 1835). That was a ‘patent of precedence’ but did not entitle him to use the term ‘King’s Counsel’. Senior law officers customarily wore silk gowns in court in the early decades of the Supreme Court.