Appearances in the District Court of NSW and Dust Diseases Tribunal of NSW COVID-19 Update


In view of the ongoing risk of COVID-19 transmission into the New South Wales community, the District Court and Dust Diseases Tribunal will continue to operate in accordance with 1.5m spacing and 4 metre squared principles in Greater Sydney.

Anyone participating in person in a District Court or the Dust Diseases Tribunal in Greater Sydney must wear a mask, on and from 5 January 2021, unless the following circumstances apply:

• Judges and those speaking or addressing the Court or Tribunal, including lawyers may remove masks;

• An accused will be required to remove his/her mask when entering a plea upon arraignment;

• A juror may be required to remove his/her mask when addressing the Court or entering an oath or affirmation during the empanelment process;

• Any witness appearing remotely or in-person is not required to wear a mask whilst giving evidence.

Further details are available here.

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