Leadership at the Bar


Practice Management Essentials Webinar Series - Module 4

How often do you carve out the time and headspace to work on your career – not just in your career? As a junior barrister, how do you look for and create opportunities for leadership? What can you do to help yourself be perceived as a leader? This module will give you an opportunity to think strategically about how you can enhance how other lawyers perceive you professionally, progress your career and demonstrate effective leadership.

Join Dr Ann Kayis-Kumar, Senior Lecturer & Tax Clinic Director, UNSW Business School for the fourth module of the Practice Managements Essentials Webinar Series, commencing April 7th. The “Leadership at the Bar” course forms part of a paid series hosted in conjunction with UNSW and will include the following lectures:

  • Leadership by influence (not just authority) – 7 April, 5-7pm How do you promote yourself? What if you have a great idea but no one is hearing you? This workshop explores how you can, as a junior barrister, be a leader in the profession and within your team working on a matter. We will integrate theory with practical leadership skills to support your decision-making and career progression strategy as well as how to provide leadership when you are not perceived as the leader in your team.

  • Bringing your strategy to life through people - 21 April, 5-7pm The workshop examines different approaches to working with people to fine-tune your vision and to achieve your goals. Participants will share experiences with a view to exploring what works and what doesn’t.

  • Managing yourself and others 28 April, 5-7pm Developing a sustainable practice is the key to a long and prosperous career. This requires positive steps and strategic moves to ensure your long term development and advancement. For more details about the Practice Management Essentials program, the costs involved or to register, please click here.

Registrations are open to NSW barristers currently holding a practising certificate and places in the program are strictly limited.

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