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Representing professionals in disciplinary matters; 5 stages of grief - Monday 17 February

On Monday 17 February join Cameron Jackson, from Second Floor Selborne Chambers, for a presentation that explores the reasons why intelligent and rational people facing disciplinary proceedings often seem to respond in a way which to their barristers, is anything but rational or intelligent.Learn more here

Pathways to a brief [Stage 2]: What solicitors want; practice management tips and pitfalls to avoid to assist in securing briefs and clients - Tuesday 18 February

In the competitive market of the NSW Bar (and beyond), every action and reaction can count. This session will expand on the stages of a client’s experience and discuss practical ideas for making the process easier. Barristers have a multitude of opportunities to make a positive (or negative) impression. Discussing their experiences, perspectives and removing obstacles to create a pathway with less friction, will be a panel of law firm partners and in-house counsel, facilitated by Sue-Ella Prodonovich from Prodonovich Advisory. Learn more here.

This seminar is hosted by the NSW Bar Association Practice Development Committee and sponsored by National Australia Bank (Business Bank – Professional Services).

Please join us for networking drinks with the panellists to follow the seminar. Registration not required.

Australia and The Rules-Based International Order-The Way Ahead - Wednesday 19 February

In the rapidly changing Asia Pacific, Australia's normative influence as a middle power actor in international law stands to be recalibrated. Australia's national interests are substantially co-dependent with broader international community values. A more candid, assertive and realistic appreciation of Australia's not inconsiderable 'power and authority' as a regional champion of the rules -based international order is to be advocated. Going forward, this ought manifest in Australia's state practice and regional reputation and leadership in key international law domains. Presented by Dr Michael Smith AM and chaired by Dr Christopher Ward SCy. Learn more here.

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