Working with interpreters – the new rules and standards


Continuing Professional Development - Thursday 5 March (Registration Required)

Australia is one of the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse nations. One in four Australians was born overseas and First Australians still speak many indigenous languages. Proceedings in courts and tribunals regularly require the assistance of interpreters.

On Thursday 5 March The Hon Justice François Kunc, Supreme Court of NSW and Ms Silvia Martinez, NAATI Certified Interpreter and Translator, will present on the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity’s Recommended National Standards for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals and explain the operation of the recently introduced UCPR Part 31 Div 3 relating to interpreters. The new rules both confirm the special status of interpreters in the administration of justice and make important changes to how affidavits and statements prepared for non-English speakers must be prepared to be eligible for use in court. The presenters will also discuss how to adduce evidence effectively and efficiently from witnesses who require an interpreter, both before court and in the witness box. For further information or to register please click here.

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