Climate Change Litigation for Commercial Lawyers


Continuing Professional Development - Thursday 10 March (Registration Required)

The effects of climate change were evident during the recent catastrophic fire events across Australia, resulting in severe emotional and financial losses. And where there is loss, there is often litigation.

The Bar Association of NSW presents a CPD on climate change litigation by and for commercial litigators. The CPD will provide a practical understanding of the key legal risks, concepts and trends for commercial litigators in this rapidly expanding area of law.

The panellists, Noel Hutley SC, Sebastian Hartford-Davies, Ilona Millar and Sharona Coutt will provide a practical overview of the state of play of climate change litigation in Australia as well as relevant cases from other jurisdictions. They will detail the existing legal obligations, and explain how regulators and the courts are likely to determine whether those obligations have been met. Focussing on the potential vulnerabilities of corporate clients, they will also discuss emerging trends and developments. The event will be chaired by Justice Rachel Pepper of the NSW Land and Environment Court. For further information or to register please click here

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