COVID-19: Information for Attending Court - Wednesday 13 October 2021


The New South Wales Bar Association’s consolidated guide to COVID-19-related court arrangements has again been updated in terms of recent developments and includes:

• Today’s District Court Practice Note 23 - Resumption of Jury Trials and in person appearances in Judge Alone Trials;

• Today’s announcement regarding the staged reopening of the Industrial Commission of NSW;

• Extended and Amended State Coroner’s COVID-19 Memorandum No 4; and

• Today’s announcement from NCAT that current hearing arrangements are to continue until February 2022.

Members are advised that, although the Bar Association is regularly updating the COVID-19 page of its website as information comes to hand please refer to the latest court resources directly as developments are changing quickly at this time. Do not make any assumptions regarding your case without first doing so. Links to the various court and tribunal pages are provided in the body of the guide.

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