District Court of NSW - Revised District Court Criminal Practice Note 23


The Chief Judge has today issued a revised Criminal Practice Note 23, which provides for arrangements relating to the Resumption of Jury Trials and in person appearances in Judge Alone Trials in the District Court. The revised Practice Note commences today.

The the principal variations to the Practice Note are as follows:

  1. [11] – The Practice Note now applies to Nowra and Queanbeyan;

  2. [40]-[42] – A section on exemptions from undertaking Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) and/or being vaccinated has been added;

  3. [43] – Paragraph amended to provide that the Court should have regard to whether RAS is consented to where counsel and/or solicitors decline to provide their vaccination status;

  4. [44] – Paragraph amended to distinguish the application of the Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 1998 (NSW) to accused detainees versus accused persons not in custody; and

  5. [52]-[53] – A section on accused persons who are self-represented in jury trials has been added.

Revised District Court Criminal Practice Note 23 can be found here.

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