Indigenous Barristers’ Trust - The Mum Shirl Fund

The New South Wales Bar Association encourages you to donate to the Indigenous Barristers’ Trust - the Mum Shirl Fund (The Trust). The Trust provides financial and other assistance to First Nations barristers but it also makes grants to law students who aspire to practice as advocates but who needed to overcome the significant financial disadvantages preventing them from completing their law studies. These grants are making a real difference in ensuring these students complete their law courses and in due course may practice at the Bar. Grants are also made to young solicitors to attend advocacy courses to increase their professional skills and assist when they come to the Bar.

Due to of the infrastructure and staffing assistance provided by the Bar Association, the Trust has minimal overheads. So almost all of the money donated finds its way directly to a First Nations law student or lawyer. The Trust works towards the long term strategy of increasing the number of First Nations barristers who will commence practice and flourish at the New South Wales Bar.

The trust is recognised by the ATO as an EDGR

The Indigenous Barristers' Trust - the Mum Shirl Fund has received endorsement from the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. Contributions of $2 or more are allowable deductions for income tax purposes.