Eat, sleep, move

Eating, sleeping and living well in 2021

The Wellbeing Committee has planned a series of webinars on healthy eating, sleeping and exercising. The first of these was held on Thursday, 12 November 2020 when Professor Peter Brukner spoke about dietary myths and good nutrition.

The Importance of Sleep

On Monday, 7 March, 2022, the Wellbeing Committee will host the next instalment in its Eat, Sleep, Move series of webinars, to be presented by Dr Camilla Hoyos.

Trust Your Gut

The human microbiome may be the most important feature of your body that you've never heard of. Dr Fatima El-Assaad explains how the diverse range of micro-organisms in our body may be implicated in a surprising range of conditions.


Josephine Key is an author, mentor and practising neuromuscular-skeletal physiotherapist. She has over 40 years of clinical experience and 30 years as the principal physiotherapist at Edgecliff Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Centre.

Resistance Training and Other Exercise for Optimal Aging

Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh, M.D., FRACP, a geriatrician, has held the inaugural John Sutton Chair of Exercise and Sport Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Professorship, Sydney Medical School since 1999

Nutrition & healthy eating in 2021

Professor Brukner is the founder and chair of the SugarByHalf campaign and has authored the popular book A Fat Lot of Good. In August 2019 The Arch in Stanley Street was filled to capacity with members of the legal profession, who came to hear Peter talk about dietary myths and nutrition and to taste a selection of simple low-carb, healthy fat recipes.