Bench and Bar Lunches

Connecting with colleagues is an effective way to build a positive outlook, especially for those in the early years of practice at the bar. The Wellbeing Committee organises two Bench and Bar lunches during the year at the No.10 Bistro and at the Sky Phoenix. Our Bench and Bar Lunches are proudly sponsored by BarCover.

On  Tuesday,  5  March,  No.10  Bistro  was  the  venue  for the first  Bench  and  Bar  Lunch of 2019.  It  was  a  full  house,  as  75  members  of  the  New  South  Wales  Bar,  together with several judges from the Family Court,  Federal  Court,  Supreme  Court  and  the  District  Court  enjoyed  excellent  food  and punctual service on a beautiful Sydney afternoon. Those with a seat on the balcony were especially lucky. 

The second lunch was set down for Tuesday, 23 July. More than 70 members rolled up to enjoy the unique food and atmosphere of a yum-cha at Sky Phoenix.

Check InBrief for the details of upcoming lunches.