Reading list

Robyn Bradey's reading & references list on building resilience

Bradey, Robyn, The Resilient Lawyer  

Christakis, Nicholas & Fowler, James (2009) Connected

Figley, C. (Editor) (1995) Compassion Fatigue

Frankl, Victor (2008) Man's Search for Meaning

Iacaboni, M. (2009) Mirroring People

Judicial College of Victoria Judicial Wellbeing Resources

Langer, Ellen (2010) Counter Clockwise 

Langer, Ellen (2010) Mindfulness 

O’Keeffe, Andrew (2011) Hardwired Humans

Pert, Candace (2006) Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good

Ratey, John (2001) A User’s Guide to the Brain

Rock, D. & Page, L. (2009) Coaching with the Brain in Mind

Sapolsky, Robert (1998) Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers 

Seligman, Martin (2002) Authentic Happiness 

Anything by Daniel Siegel, including:  

Siegel, Ronald (2010) The Mindfulness Solution

Siegel, Daniel (2020) The Developing Mind 

Siegel, Daniel & Payne-Bryson, Tina (2011) The Whole Brain Child    

Wax, Ruby    A Sane New World (2013) Hodder & Stoughton UK; Mindfulness for the Frazzled. (2016) Penguin Random House UK

Anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn.