Murray Gleeson AC QC

  • Born: 1938
  • Place of birth: Wingham, New South Wales
  • Admitted to practise: 1963
  • Appointed QC: 1974
  • Chief Justice of NSW: 1988
  • Chief Justice of Australia: 1998 - 2008




'Nobody seriously suggests that the law should be treated as written on tablets of stone, completely and unalterably.  There are a lot of things that have to change in order to remain the same.   The most obvious is people; otherwise they’d remain infants.  Institutions which don’t change in response to the circumstances in which they exist, become different institutions. How could the law be unchangeable when the subject matter that it has to deal with is constantly changing?  Its aspirations are meant to be consistent over time.'

'The people who are at risk are people who are invisible.  There’s a risk that Indigenous people could fall into that category.' 

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