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Bar News is the journal of the Bar Association, written by the members, for the members. Each issue includes a mix of engaging and distracting articles on recent cases, professional conduct, notable speeches, appointments, book reviews and news from sporting and social events.

Winter 2021

Cover of Barnews Winter 2021Welcome Special Wellbeing edition of Bar News!

Learn which Court of Appeal Judge likes rock climbing. Find your sit bones. Meet Andreas Heger, author, painter and Executive Director of the NSW Bar Association. Read the Real Senior Counsel Selection Criteria. To read the magazine click here.

Autumn 2021

Cover of Barnews Autumn 2021

The Autumn 2021 edition is a special edition focussing on criminal law and inquests.

It contains a variety of articles, including appearing in coronial inquests, the prosecutor’s duty of disclosure, assessing credibility and the high risk offender legislation. To read the magazine click here

Summer 2020

Cover of Barnews Summer 2020

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Bar News!

It contains lots of interesting, thought provoking and amusing summer reading. There are entertaining interviews with Michael Sexton SC and Richard Beazley SC. There is Professor Anne Twomey’s wonderful recent lecture on Legal Advice in the Whitlam Era.  To read the magazine click here

Covid-19 online edition

Welcome to the inaugural digital edition of Bar News! It is a special edition, focussing on COVID-19 and its effect on practice at the bar in NSW. Being thrust into the world of remote working has changed the way we interact in so many different ways. The Bar News Committee determined this was the time to expedite the launch of the Bar News website and produce a completely online edition. To read the magazine click here


ADR Edition

This edition is a ‘special edition’ prepared together with the Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. While ADR and the Bar have often had a troubled relationship, this edition will highlight the Bar and ADR are now intrinsically intertwined. To read the magazine click here



An archive of digital editions, beginning in 1985, is available here. [Member login required]

We welcome contributions from our members and encourage you to follow the Bar News Style Guide, which is based upon the Chicago Manual of Style. Reference is also made to the current edition of The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary. Contributors are requested to study these sources before submitting material for publication. It may also be useful to study articles already published in Bar News. We reserve the right to alter grammatical construction, punctuation and citations to conform with the house style and accepted grammatical rules of construction.

Advertising welcome

The Bar News Committee welcomes advertising, but reserves the right to reject ads which it believes is inappropriate. Requests should be made using our booking form and we prefer advance credit card payment. For further information, contact the co-ordinator of publications and promotions.

Searchable archive on AustLII

AustLII has compiled an archive of Bar News editions, from 1985 to 2015. More recent editions will be added shortly. The archive is fully searchable and has additional functionality, such as sorting articles by “Most accessed” and “Most cited”.