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The NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre on the 1st Floor, Selborne Chambers, remains open and available for hire. We have introduced new capacity restrictions to deal with the social distancing requirements but apart from that, at this stage, we are able to provide ongoing use of the facility. (Please see our website for more information regarding the capacity of the rooms and room hire rates https://nswbardrc.com.au/ )

The Centre is also now able to provide a virtual courtroom style arrangement by using the commercial grade video-conferencing (“VC”) services in the Hearing Rooms. The Centre has recently introduced Webex Meetings which can be used to host and conduct multi-party VCs.

The VC services are being offered at no additional charge for use by customers hiring the rooms who would like to conduct a multi-party VCs.

In addition to using the new services for mediations and arbitrations, the equipment is also suitable to use in the rooms to access court proceedings over multiple days.

We are also offering free onsite technical support to assist with setting up VC’s and free access to the internet via Wi-Fi to all parties.

Our Network staff have developed the following guide to assist our customers in understanding what VC platforms apart from Webex Meetings are compatible for use in the Hearing Rooms.

– see the following link: https://www.ccl.com.au/files/documents/Interoperability.pdf

At the moment we are only able to provide a single screen in each room but we have additional equipment on order and we hope to be in a position to provide multiscreen VC equipment within the next three weeks.

To enquire about this service or to make a booking please contact Margaret James on 9231-3644 or email: bookings@nswbardrc.com.au

For further information please also see attached the NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre Covid-19 Policy.

If you no longer wish to receive In Brief, please notify the Bar Association's

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