Free and Open Access to the Victorian Reports Online (until 30 June 2020)


For the next three months, with the co-operation of the Council of Law Reporting in Victoria, the publisher of the Victorian Reports, Little William Bourke Pty Ltd (a division of BarNet JADE), will provide free and complete access to the Victorian Reports online at This is part of our pandemic assistance plan for legal practitioners.

Barristers working remotely can have at their fingertips complete and searchable access to all of the Victorian Reports and Victorian Law Reports enriched by JADE citations back to the late 1800s. This includes access to PDF facsimiles for use in authorities' bundles.

Uniquely, the Victorian Reports online:

· comprise full text reports (with full headnotes) which are fully hyperlinked, including to the full text decisions of other courts and tribunals and to legislative material;

· like JADE, each report shows citations at the page and paragraph level as well as a list of cases subsequently considering the viewed report; and

· has more comprehensive coverage of early reports (Victorian Law Reports) than any other publisher.

To take up this free offer, all that you need to do is to visit and register. For existing subscribers to the Victorian Reports service through Little William, your paid subscription will not be charged during this time, and your current annual subscription will be automatically extended by three months.

Little William is deeply appreciative of the assistance provided by the Chair of the Council of Law Reporting, Justice Macaulay of the Supreme Court of Victoria, in helping to make this free offer possible. (Little William is a subsidiary of BarNet, the non-profit publisher of JADE (

For more information, please visit or email

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