Supreme Court Policy on Inappropriate Workplace Conduct


The Supreme Court of NSW has today published its Policy on Inappropriate Workplace Conduct and issued an accompanying media release.

The Policy applies to all aspects of unacceptable workplace conduct: discrimination, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification.

The Policy encourages persons who may be affected by such conduct to make a complaint and provides a mechanism to do so, including a facility for complaints to be made to an independent person engaged by the Court who will also be available to advise the complainant of the steps which can be taken in relation to it and to bring forward the complaint to the Chief Justice and another judge nominated by him for review and appropriate investigation.

The objects of the Policy are twofold: first, to define clear standards of appropriate behaviour and, second, to provide a safe and secure method by which any person who is concerned that these guidelines are being or have been breached can raise the matter in confidence. The Policy also sets out the framework within which any such concerns will be addressed.

The Supreme Court Policy on Inappropriate Workplace Conduct is available here.

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