Bar FC draw 1-1 in Domain Soccer League


Bar FC finally won points in a well-played draw against the Bank of China yesterday.

With Simon Philips playing for the first time in 2020, the gaffer thought the defensive pairing of Larish and Philips would mean that Goalkeeper Harris had little to do. Unfortunately, Philips was a little late in a challenge (“he hacked him from behind” or “he fell into me” depending upon your perspective) resulting in a penalty kick to the opposition who took the lead 1-0. It also was the reason he picked up the Patchaldinho award – a prize handed out after each game to the player who least showers themselves in glory during the match).

Bar FC then responded with some nice link up play and sustained pressure causing the BOC to commit a foul outside the area. Condylis hit a lovely free kick with dip and swerve, causing the keeper to make a save and spill the ball. A waiting Morrison banged the ball into the back of the net, just before the gaffer got there (who was making a cameo appearance).

Finally, the gaffer's award for player of the match went to Compton for a wonderful cross into the middle that almost bore fruit, not to mention the hard yards done in running down some sprightly players.

Today’s team was as follows:

• Hugh Morrison

• David Patch

• David Larish

• Nicole Compton

• Anais d’Arville

• David Stanton

• Nick Condylis

• Andy Munro

• Danielle Woods

• Ivan Griscti

• Nick Olson

• John Harris (GK)

• Sam Hallahan

• Adrian Canceri

• Simon Philips

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