Barristers can now access CTP dispute applications via SIRA Legal Portal


SIRA’s Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) implemented a single dispute management system in May 2020 that incorporates portals that parties to disputes can use to interact digitally. The system brings the dispute management process online and is delivering efficiencies to the dispute resolution process.

Legal representatives of claimants and insurers have been progressively registered to use the Legal Portal and over 800 lawyers and legal assistants are currently able to access it.

The portal has recently been enhanced to allow legal representatives to share the details of individual matters with barristers and collaborate on them online within the portal.

Barristers can now use the portal to:

• Review and edit draft applications and replies

• Submit applications and replies

• Communicate with DRS and the other parties

• View information, correspondence, appointments in an application

• Preview and download all documents in an application.

How to access the Legal Portal

Barristers need to be granted access to use the Legal Portal by DRS so that legal representatives can share dispute applications with them. To request access, please email .

Alternatively, law firms can contact DRS on your behalf and request that you be set up.

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