Personal Injury Commission


Webinar - Thursday 10 December

A new Personal Injury Commission (PIC) will be established in NSW on 1 March 2021. The PIC is a single, independent tribunal for injured people claiming against the compulsory third party (CTP) and workers compensation insurance schemes. The PIC will replace the existing Workers Compensation Commission and SIRA's Dispute Resolution Services that currently manage disputes involving injured workers and road users.

Hear from Judge Gerard Phillips, inaugural President of the Personal Injury Commission, about the changes that will happen and what this one-stop-shop tribunal will mean for your practice and your clients.

The session will cover: - The purpose behind the Personal Injury Commission (PIC) - How dispute resolution services currently operate vs how they will operate post March 2021 - Establishment and functions of the PIC - Impact on the original workers compensation and CTP schemes - Implications on practitioners and how to best prepare for the change

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