Client Relationships & how to stand out from your peers


Practice Management Essentials Webinar Series - Module 3

Compared to many other professionals, barristers face some unique challenges; the legal requirement to practise as sole practitioners, practical client matters, and some self-promotion restrictions. On the other hand, a barrister has many of the same issues and opportunities that other professionals face: how to grow, develop a reputation, attract and retain clients. Being cognizant of these differences and similarities can help barristers to build and grow effective and sustainable businesses.

Tony Frost, Principal, Frost Leadership Consulting and Consultant & Lecturer, AGSM, will discuss these differences and similarities in the third module of the Practice Management Essentials program. The third module, "Client Relationships & how to stand out from your peers", will include the following lectures:

  • Business development – 3 February, 5-7 pm, Online

Every business, including sole practitioners such as barristers, should have a business plan. This workshop will explore the elements of a good business plan, put one together, and what work and research is necessary.

  • Working with clients – 10 February, 5-7 pm, Online

Barristers face some tricky issues in building and maintaining relationships with two different types of "clients": solicitors on the one hand, and the clients of solicitors and direct-briefers (for some barristers) on the other hand. This workshop will explore how to create and build relationships and add value for various types of clients.

  • Emotional intelligence (EI) – 17 February, 5-7 pm, Online

If a barrister can master their emotional intelligence, this is likely to be a significant competitive advantage now, and increasingly in the future. This workshop will equip barristers with the "essentials" of emotional intelligence; provide some "tips and tricks", and guidance on further reading and developing their EI skills.

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