2020 flu vaccinations



The Bar Association's Wellbeing Committee has organised for members to receive the 2020 Quadrivalent influenza vaccine on Thursday, 8 April 2020, between 4.00pm and 6.00pm in St James' Church King Street.

Information about the Afluria Quad vaccine is available here and here.

In order to complete your registration, you will need to complete the consent form. You will also be advised that you cannot have a COVID vaccination within two weeks of receiving the flu vaccine.

The cost to members will be $22 (inc. GST).

Register here for the 2021 flu vaccination. The login is barristersflu and the password is barristersflu.

For more information, please email the coordinator of wellbeing and services, Chris Winslow.

Flu vaccinations are initiatives of the Wellbeing Committee of the New South Wales Bar Association.

If you no longer wish to receive In Brief, please notify the Bar Association's

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