Message from the President


I am writing to let you know that Greg Tolhurst, our Executive Director, whose 5 year contract will come to an end this year has decided he will be leaving us in June to take up a number of exciting opportunities including pursuing his interests in teaching and research. Greg holds a Chair at the University of Sydney Law School and serves on the Board of the Humane Society International Australia.

Greg came to us following a distinguished academic career, with a firm commitment to the law and to the service of justice. He joined the New South Wales Bar Association in 2016, tasked to lead, and build, the Association, guiding its strategic direction and practical performance. The goal was to work with Bar Councils, their Executives, members and staff to encourage and advance the Association in all of its many facets of operation. He has exceeded this goal and brought to the role deep expertise in the law and in management, and has delivered a strong sense of purpose, streamlined and focused operations, and has enhanced the team at the Association.

There are a great many achievements to mention from Greg’s time at the helm, most recently steering through the approval of our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a great test of our organisation’s character and resilience and Greg and his team were instrumental in rapidly and effectively adapting the Association and the Bar to the changed circumstances we all faced.

The Association will soon advertise for a new Executive Director and the advertisement for that role is attached.

On behalf of the New South Wales Bar Association, I thank Greg for his service and dedication and wish him well.

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