COVID-19 update for the Local Court of NSW


The Local Court of NSW has just released an amended Chief Magistrate's Memorandum 19, which has been extended until 27 August 2021 and also been amended to provide that "Upon application to the Court of listing and with the consent of all parties and where administrative arrangements allow, hearings that do not require the attendance of any witness may proceed."

The Memorandum has also been amended to delete Orange and Blayney Courts from the arrangements, as the stay at home orders for the Orange, Blayney and Cabonne communities have been lifted by the NSW Government. Amended Memorandum 19 is available here.

The Court Security Act Order for NSW Local Courts has also been extended until 28 August 2021 and now includes a provision for wearing a mask unless evidence is produced of a medical exemption. The new Order is available here.

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