International Day of Women Judges



Today is the United Nations International Day of Women Judges, celebrated annually on 10 March.

International Day of Women Judges recognises the varied, instrumental and vast contributions of women Judges around the world. It is part of a global effort to raise awareness about gender equality in the legal profession, and address the need to develop and implement appropriate and effective national strategies and plans for the advancement of women in judicial justice systems and institutions at the leadership, managerial and other levels.

On this International Day of Women Judges Australia has, for the first time, a women majority of Justices of the High Court of Australia, some 36 years after The Honourable Justice Mary Gaudron KC became the first female Justice of the High Court.

At June 2022, the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration reported that women represented 41.0% of magistrates and judges in NSW courts (an increase of 6.4% since 2012).

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