Bar FC meet old foes Penal FC (now Perpetual)


Yesterday Bar FC toiled hard and defended well to draw against Pendal FC 1-1.

Pendal FC are known for their skill on the ball and a rather large and quick striker who has proven to be a thorn in the side of Bar FC in the past. Sir Alex issued a directive to the central defenders – D’Arville and Munro that he should be closely watched and shut down at all costs. Always compliant, both defenders put in a subperb performance and did just that.

Whilst Pendal FC drew first blood, Hannah Ryan flew down the wing and went close to setting up an equalizer. Likewise, Morrison relaeased by Coutinho from midfield shot wide. Such pressure was ultimately rewarded with Nicholas Olson scoring an equalizer by lobbing the keeper with a shot from the outside of his boot whist being pursued by Pendal FC defenders. Sheer class to watch really.

The whole team performed well and continues to buid throughout the season. Yesterday’s squad was as follows:

  • Danielle Woods
  • Stephen Free SC
  • Hugh Morrison
  • Anais D’Arville
  • Darcy Munce
  • Jackson Rogers
  • Andy Munro
  • Jeh Coutinho
  • Simon Philips (C)
  • Nicholas Olson
  • Hannah Ryan
  • Lachlan White
  • Thomas Liu

Our next game is 7 June 2023 at 1.15 pm on top of the Domain Car Park.

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