Extra: Phillip Street exclusion zone to be lifted tomorrow morning


The NSW Police have advised that the Phillip Street exclusion zone will be lifted at 7.30am tomorrow, Wednesday, 17 December 2014. Access to Phillip Street chambers will be permitted after that time. Provisionally, barristers will be able to access Frederick Jordan and Garfield Barwick chambers, although this might be reversed. In which case, members of those floors can avail themselves of the assistance offered by Denman, Elizabeth, State and Sir Anthony Mason chambers.

Arthur Moses SC has thanked the clerks of those chambers. "The Bar Association is very grateful for the generosity shown by these chambers. It is yet another demonstration of the collegiate nature of the NSW Bar including the care and support shown by its members during this difficult time".

Urgent enquiries can be directed to Moses SC, the junior vice-president on ph: 0400 703 717 or moses@fjc.net.au.

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