Bar FC remain undefeated


Play today resumed in the Domain Soccer League after two weeks of wash outs. Bar FC came up against Announcer FC, a team who clearly have an age limit of thirty. After the final whistle, a 0-0 draw fairly reflected the contest and maintained Bar FC’s unbeaten record.

All members of Bar FC contributed, with Compton and O’Shea worthy of special mention. Both had chances to score by being in the right spot at the right time and on a different day, the outcome may well have been different. Bar FC also welcomed Santucci to the team. Good to see the recruiters doing their job at the Bar Reading course.

Today’s team was as follows:

  • Simon Phillips
  • Nicole Compton
  • Justin Hogan Doran
  • Phil Santucci
  • Anais D'Arville
  • Colin Magee
  • Stephen Free
  • John Harris
  • Geoff O'Shea
  • Matt Vickers
  • Glen Fredericks
  • Ivan Griscti
  • Sebastian Hartford Davis

The teams next outing is against BT Financial on 2 August 2016.

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