Barrister does not mean good communicator


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The Rules of Court and the control that comes from the right to cross examine, can make you feel like an effective communicator as getting your point of view (your client’s point of view) across can be relatively easy. However, advocating in court is much different from talking with solicitors and clients ‘out of court’ and from relating to your family at home.

When do you last recall achieving real value from seeking to cross examine someone during negotiations, or from ‘winning the argument’ with your spouse, partner, kids or friends, by virtue of your advocacy skills?

In the context of relationships – whether at work or at home – the raw exercise of power is antithetical to valuable connection and resolution of conflict.

Most of us are not naturally good communicators and so (whether we like it or not) whilst confidence to speak up is a good start – we must learn to listen and to acknowledge what is being said to us. That is, to respect the speaker by showing that we understand their point of view.
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