Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Panel


The Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Panel (the DVP) is currently open for applications. The panel is open to solicitors and barristers in private practice.


The DVP is a specialist panel. Practitioners appointed to the DVP are expected to provide:

  1. Legal advice, assistance and referrals for individuals experiencing domestic and family violence in relation to a broad range of legal problems precipitated by domestic and family violence;

  2. Legal advice and representation for adults and children and young people who are seeking a private ADVO; and

  3. Legal advice and representation for defendants to applications for ADVO’s where the client is also a protected person in an associated ADVO cross application or where it appears that the client is a victim of domestic or family violence.


Information about the DVP is available on the DV Panel Web Page and includes the following:

  • Information for Applicants – contains more information about the role of the DVP, duty work and assigned grants of aid covered by the panel, fee rates, as well as the Selection Criteria and selection process
  • Practice Standards
  • Service Agreement
  • Information for Panel Referees
  • DV Panel Duty Guidelines

Applications must be submitted through the Panels Application Website by Monday, 20 February 2017 for consideration by the Selection Committee.

More information about how to submit an application is available at the following web pages:

How to apply for appointment to a panel

Quick Guide for Panels Application Website

For any enquiries regarding this panel please email

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