Guidance Note 24 for assessment of permanent impairment under the CTP scheme


The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has published Guidance Note 24 - The Urinary and Reproductive System: Assessment of Incontinence for use by all stakeholders in the Assessment of Permanent Impairment in the NSW Motor Accidents CTP scheme. SIRA has also republished Guidance Note 6 – The Spine: Assessment of Dysmetria.

The Permanent Impairment Guidelines Interpretation Group (PI-GIG) was formed in November 2008 to provide expert and considered advice on any anomalies in the NSW Motor Accidents CTP scheme Permanent Impairment Guidelines and AMA4 guides. One of the roles of the PI-GIG is to develop guidance notes to clarify or outline the clinically preferred interpretation of existing guideline provisions for any anomalies, areas which are open to interpretation, or have the potential for inconsistent assessments. The guidance notes may be found on the SIRA website.

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