Equitable briefing report due 30 September


A reminder to all barristers who have adopted the Equitable Briefing Policy that you are required to submit your FY21 report to the Law Council of Australia by 30 September 2021.

The Law Council of Australia last year issued a helpful clarification on reporting requirements including how a barrister’s seniority is defined for the purposes of the Equitable Briefing Policy, and how to indicate whether a barrister has been briefed as a mediator. This updated Reporting Template and Guidelines is available here.

To submit your FY21 Report, you can follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete a “BARRISTER WORKSHEET” in the form on page 10 of the Law Council’s Reporting Template and Guidelines (accessed by the above link) for the matters you worked on in FY21.
  2. Use that worksheet to complete a “REPORT” in the form also on page 10 of the Reporting Template and Guidelines, to record the total female and male barristers, senior and junior to you, who you worked with and/or recommended in matters you worked on in FY21.
  3. Enter the data from your report at https://lawcouncil.typeform.com/to/A51uUmhB

If you have any questions about your reporting obligations under the Equitable Briefing Policy or about the policy generally, please contact at first instance the Association’s Manager of Policy and Public Affairs, Celia Barnett-Chu, via cbarnett-chu@nswbar.asn.au.

If you no longer wish to receive In Brief, please notify the Bar Association's