Today, 9 September is R U Ok Day. R U OK; is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all people to regularly and meaningfully ask the people around them “Are you ok?”.

This year the message to ask is, “Are you really ok” and to ask today. Don’t wait until someone is visibly distressed or in crisis. Ask them how they’re really going and do it now.
For barristers, especially during the present lockdown, it is a timely reminder to look out for one another by having regular, meaningful conversations and ask them how they are going and whether they are really ok.

A range of services exist to help us with life’s ups and downs.

Services for Barristers

BarCare is an independent counselling service for NSW barristers and their immediate families. Access to support is only a phone call away on 0427 317 958.

Other general services include:

Online mental health resources

A range of online mental health resources are available including:

Safe Place

The Safe Place is a confidential online forum (Zoom) where barristers can meet and share with others any issues that they may be facing. No advice is given, but it is a place to be heard (confidentially). It operates on a fortnightly basis on Friday afternoon at 5pm during the current public health restrictions. It is next taking place tomorrow. You can register here for the next meeting. For more information, contact the Wellbeing Committee.

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