Women Barristers Forum & Australian Securities and Investment Commission Joint Panel on Equitable Briefing


Women barristers - Are you keen to learn more about the workings of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission? Would you like the opportunity to be considered for ASIC briefs?

ASIC is committed to pursuing equitable briefing and wishes to alert female barristers, and in particular, senior female barristers, to the briefing opportunities that ASIC provides, including the areas of work and jurisdictions in which it appears.

The Women Barristers Forum and ASIC will be hosting a joint virtual CPD on 15 September 2021 at 5.15pm for a panel discussion on these matters.

Sarah Court (Deputy Commissioner of ASIC), Sharon Concism (Executive Director Markets Enforcement), David McGuiness (Senior Executive Leader Financial Services Enforcement) and Conrad Gray (Special Counsel, Civil Litigation) will present during this session, which will be moderated by the Chair of WBF, Naomi Sharp SC.

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the presentations.

Please register your interest by emailing Natalie Biondi at clerk.10@stjames.net.au. Any difficulties with registration please email (02) 9224 1510. Please also send any advance questions to the same email address.

If you no longer wish to receive In Brief, please notify the Bar Association's