Barristers Safe Place on Friday, 8 April


War, floods, pestilence. Managing day-to-day life can seem surreal when the wider community is in turmoil. What practical steps do we take to re-gain our perspective and re-focus ourselves? Reaching out to others is always a good idea, but do we do that when we really need to?

Safe Place is where barristers can meet, on the Zoom platform, and share with others any issues that they may be facing. Fundamentally, it is a confidential forum. Whatever goes on tour, stays on tour. Attendees can join the discussion group in an anonymised manner if they feel more comfortable doing so. The forum is moderated to ensure that as many barristers as possible can share with others what they are going through. No advice is given, but it is a place to be heard (confidentially).

The next Safe Place will take place on Friday, 8 April 2022 at 5.00pm

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For those who need it, BarCare is an independent professional counselling service designed to assist members to manage stress-related problems, such as marital breakdowns, drug or alcohol dependency and practice pressures. Visit

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