Court of Appeal: 2021 Year in Review


Members’ attention is drawn to a publication of the Court of Appeal entitled A Year in Review: 2021 which seeks to gather, in a single, hyperlinked document, all of the decisions delivered by the New South Wales Court of Appeal in the course of 2021. The document is designed to allow a reader quickly to identify recent decisions delivered by the Court of Appeal in a given area of legal interest with greater specificity than simply by reference to generalised catchwords such as, for example, “Administrative law” or “Contract”. Each of the decisions digested contains detailed catchwords with a hyperlink to the full text of the decision.

A Year in Review: 2021 follows the publication of an equivalent digest of decisions delivered by the Court of Appeal in 2020. It is hoped that these publications will provide a valuable resource for judges, practitioners, litigants, academics and students, and that a similar document will continue to be published on an annual as well as consolidated basis.

The publication will be available on the Court of Appeal website and can be found here.

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