Climate Change and the Constitution


Australian Association of Constitutional Law

Both in Australia and internationally, litigants continue to bring judicial proceedings that seek to improve environmental outcomes and tackle climate change by challenging legislative and administrative action. Minister for the Environment v Sharma [2022] FCAFC 35 is one recent high profile example. Many such cases raise interesting constitutional issues. How, if at all, does the Australian Constitution recognise and protect environmental rights? Is the position any different at State and Territory level? What is the appropriate role of the judicial branch in fixing the Government with duties to guard against climate change? Who has standing to challenge environmental policy or inaction in federal jurisdiction? How are these matters dealt with in other jurisdictions?

This event will be held on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 5:30pm in Court 1, Level 21, Federal Court of Australia, Queens Square, Sydney. The AACL is delighted to welcome the Hon Justice Rachel Pepper, Zelie Heger and Harry Hobbs to present on these topical issues. The Hon Justice Anna Mitchelmore will chair the event.

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