LGBTQI Principles on Inclusiveness


The New South Wales Bar Association LGBTQI Principles on Inclusiveness (the Principles) were approved by the Bar Council on 24 February 2022.

The Principles were drafted by the Diversity and Equality Committee, in consultation with the former Advocate for Change for LGBTQI diversity, Andrew Pickles SC, and ACON, for the benefit of the Association’s members and their Chambers/Floors.

The Association is committed to supporting a Bar that reflects and is inclusive of the diverse composition of Australia’s society, which includes people from the LGBTQI communities. At their core, the Principles seek to ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law, build inclusive and safe workplaces, improve and support diversity at the Bar, and assist Chambers/Floors to attract and retain the best candidates.

The Principles and the additional resources on the Association’s ‘Supporting LGBTQI Inclusivity’ webpage promote respect and assist barristers and their Chambers/Floors to work effectively and respectfully with LGBTQI colleagues, clients and litigants.

A CPD event on the Principles is forthcoming.

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