Bar FC winning at the right end of the season


The Bar FC continued its winning form today with a 3-1 win over Pendal FC.

With the Hon Peden J officiating and under the watchful eyes of Lo Surdo SC, a fine defensive display meant that Pendal FC had very little opportunity to get back in the game once Bar FC shot to a 2-0 score line. Fine goals were the order of the day with all three strikers – di Michiel, Hartford Davis and Hugh Morrison chalking up a goal. As always, Coutinho worked tirelessly in the midfield and was the unlucky recipient of the Patchaldinho award – given for the least skilful display – due to a technicality, namely the award not being available to the man after whom it was named. Great to see Patchaldinho back on the pitch.

Today’s team was a mixture of youth and experience and the game of football was all the better for it. Here is todays squad:

  • Patchaldinho
  • Jeh Coutinho
  • David Larish
  • Richard di Michiel
  • Andy Munro
  • Jackson Rogers
  • John Harris (K)
  • Tim Boyle
  • Anais d’Arville
  • Danielle Woods
  • Sebastian Hartford Davis (c)
  • Nicholas Olson
  • Hugh Morrison
  • Hannah Ryan

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