Court Services: Arrangements for the National Day of Mourning Public Holiday


The NSW Court Services has released the following information regarding court services for the public holiday on 22 September 2022.

District Court

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Local Court

Public Holiday Bail Court

  • A Bail Court will operate physically at the Children’s Court at Parramatta, as it does on weekends, and will be staffed by Acting Magistrates.
  • Regional Bail Courts - Regional registrars to liaise closely with their local stakeholders as required

Downing Centre

  • Special fixtures already commenced will continue but will not sit on 22 September;
  • Special fixtures with their first day on 22 September will commence on 23 September;
  • Part heard matters will be adjourned for mention in either the week of 26 September or 4 October;
  • 5.1 matters will be adjourned for mention in either the week of 26 September or 4 October;
  • Custody matters already listed in 4.2 and 4.3 will be listed on 23 September;
  • DPP matters listed on 22 September will be relisted on 20 September;
  • All matters for mention will be relisted in either the week of 26 September or 4 October.

All other Local Courts

  • Part heard matters listed for finalisation on 22 September 2022 should be listed for mention only in the week commencing 26 September 2022 in order to fix a further part heard hearing date;
  • Parties in matters listed on 22 September for hearing should also be listed for mention only in the week of 26 September in order to fix a hearing date;
  • All matters listed for mention or sentence should be relisted for the week beginning 26.09.22 and 4 October 2022. Priority should be given to matters where the defendant is in custody.

Children’s Court

  • Registrars to confirm approach with their coordinating Magistrate
  • Registrars to relist all matters listed on 22/9/22 ASAP by liaising with parties for new dates.

Coronial jurisdiction 

Registry staff will assist presiding Coroners will notify the parties and their families. The following matter is listed for 22/09/2022: 

  • Inquiry into the 2019-2020 Bushfires Before Magistrate O'Sullivan – DCJ Legal (counsel assisting) has advised it is expected the public holiday will have little impact as there will be sufficient time during the remainder of the inquiry to cover the planned evidence. 
  • Directions Hearing before Magistrate Grahame, was to be listed for 22/09/2022 but will now be listed on a different date.  

A duty coroner will be available to respond to any Requests for Coronial Directions (RCDs) – Deputy State Coroner Huntsman is on duty.   
Drug Court

  • Parramatta and Sydney are the only locations sitting on Thursdays - Hunter is not sitting
  • Parramatta and Sydney -  Custody matters for 22/09 have been relisted to 21/09, with fresh warrants being prepared to be forwarded to Corrective Services. 
  • Parramatta and Sydney - List matters for 22/09 will be relisted on 19/09 and 29/09. 

Operating arrangements for participants attending registry for urinalysis are confirmed:

  • Parramatta after hours availability – 9am - 4pm all public holidays except Christmas 
  • Hunter – does not have court sittings or urinalysis on Thursdays – so no changes required. 
  • Sydney – no after-hours availability on public holidays 


  • Registries will provide amended warrants/order etc to Sentence Administration and Youth Justice asap
  • Registries will cancel all bookings for Interpreters on 22/9/22 and rebook where necessary.
  • Websites will be updated where appropriate.

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