Briefing - Do No Harm: Business & Human Rights in Transplantation Medicine


Organ trafficking, forced organ harvesting and unethical organ transplantation is a global issue. Global Rights Compliance has published a 'world first' Legal Advisory Report and Policy Guidance, "Do No Harm: Mitigating Human Rights Risks when Interacting with International Medical Institutions & Professionals in Transplantation Medicine".

The briefing, copresented by Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, the University of Essex Human Rights Centre, RMIT University Business and Human Rights Centre, the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China and Global Rights Compliance will be highly relevant to the work of legal professionals particularly in the areas of international law, human rights law, business & human rights, human trafficking and modern slavery.

The Advisory Report and Policy Guidance explores the risks of international collaborations in transplant medicine, research and training and the hard and soft law obligations that govern those partnerships. It also highlights high risk countries such as China and provides practical advice for mitigating risks and outlines circumstances where disengagement may be required.

This event will be held in an online meeting setting on Thursday, 13 October 2022 at 6.30pm and includes a presentation by Wayne Jordash KC followed by Q&A with an esteemed panel of experts.

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