Message from NSW Legal Services Commissioner


End of Year Celebrations and Personal Conduct

As many of us come together to celebrate the end of the year in person it is a good opportunity to socialise again after some years of restrictions. Everyone has the right to personal safety and the great majority of legal profession members will act accordingly with care and respect for each other.

Should anyone encounter, witness or experience inappropriate personal conduct, the strictly confidential reporting platform operated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner (OLSC) is available to all to make a report, anonymously if desired. The live links to the platform are available on both websites of the Law Society and Bar Association. Any reports will be dealt with confidentially by the members of the Personal Conduct Team of the OLSC, who are the only persons with access to the reported data.

Please care for each other, enjoy socialising with friends and colleagues and stay safe. If anyone does the wrong thing, report it.

John McKenzie, NSW Legal Services Commissioner.

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