Law Council of Australia – Guidance Materials: The Referendum for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice


The Law Council of Australia has been a longstanding supporter of a constitutionally enshrined Voice, as articulated in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Consistent with this position, the Law Council has prepared guidance material that articulates the basis for its support for the Voice and explains the proposed amendment to the Constitution and its implications. The Law Council has prepared a series of factsheets addressing the following content:

The Law Council has also prepared a comprehensive Guide for the Legal Profession which is specifically targeted towards informing the Australian legal profession. The Guide sets out: the origins of the Voice; the rationale for the Law Council’s support for the Voice; a description of the proposed Constitutional amendment; and outlines a position on key legal issues raised in public discourse about the Voice. For further information, see the Law Council’s ‘The Referendum for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice’ webpage here.

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