Reissued Practice Note SC EQ 12 - Real Property List


The New South Wales Chief Justice has reissued Practice Note SC EQ 12 – Real Property List, with a commencement date of 18 August 2023.

The revised Practice Note includes the following:

  • Re-orders some paragraphs (for example, the reference to Practice Note SC Eq 1 not applying to proceedings in the list has moved from [13] to [8]).
  • Makes clear the Court’s expectations in respect of alternative dispute resolution prior to and after the commencement of proceedings (see [10]-[12]).
  • Updates the requirements for submitting consent orders to the Court (see [15]-[16]).
  • Provides the procedure for remote appearances in the list (see [18]).
  • Updates the procedure for interlocutory applications, listing matters for hearing, and usual order for hearing in Annexure A.

The reissued Practice Note is published on the Supreme Court website here.

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