Tonight: Beat Burnout and Booze Before it Beats You


Wellbeing Webinar: Online - Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Do you start feeling stressed as soon as you wake up and immediately reach for alcohol when you walk in the door after a long day? Perhaps you feel like you are 'spinning 10 plates in the air', drinking too much and caught in an unhealthy cycle. Stressed people drink to cope with stress without realising that alcohol compounds stress levels, exacerbates our fatigue (hello 3.00am wake up!) and takes the shine off our enjoyment of the small things.

The challenge today is that professionals are saturated with 'wellness' tips but are time-poor and get caught in a burnout and alcohol spiral from which it is extremely hard to escape. This presentation informs busy people how to identify the warning signs and act to improve work-life balance, drink less and prevent burnout, increase satisfaction (and productivity) and pre-empt collapse.

In this presentation on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at 5.00pm, registered Counsellor & Alcohol Master Coach, Isabella Ferguson covers:

  • ten booze and burnout red flags to be aware of;
  • how to reframe the way you think about alcohol so that you no longer desire it after a long stressful day;
  • how to create healthier neural pathways to cope with stress that do not involve alcohol; and
  • her own personal experience of escaping the burnout and booze cycle during my legal career.

Isabella’s first career as Special Counsel in large law firms gave her a concrete understanding of the reality and stresses involved in trying to find a healthy balance when working in the corporate world. That experience, along with her related public speaking skills, counselling qualifications, extensive alcohol coaching certifications, crisis supporter training with Lifeline and busy burnout and alcohol reduction practice make her uniquely qualified to present on burnout and alcohol issues facing professionals.

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