Flooding in the Joint Law Courts Building


All members of the legal profession are advised that the Law Courts Building in Queens Square has suffered another major flooding event due to a broken pipe on level 19 affecting all floors in the building.

The position is being assessed. Access to the premises will therefore be limited until further notice.

Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal

Chief Justice Andrew Bell has advised the following:

  1. Fixtures in courtrooms outside the Law Courts Building will continue as listed.
  2. Subject to 3 and 4 below, for fixtures listed on Monday within the Law Courts Building, the Court is endeavouring to secure alternative courtrooms and new venues at either Hospital Road or within the St James Road/King St complex which will be notified as soon as possible.
  3. Matters in the Corporations List, due to be heard before the Hon Justice Black, are stood over until the following Monday, 25 September 2023.
  4. The 5 day appeal before White, Stern JJA and Griffiths AJA will commence on Tuesday at a venue to be announced tomorrow.
  5. An update will be issued by the Court between 9.00-9.30am tomorrow including as to rescheduled venues for Monday hearings.
  6. The Court of Criminal Appeal will sit in Court 21A at John Maddison Tower commencing at 10.15am.

Federal Court

The Federal Court has advised that owing to the flooding in the Court at Queens Square, there will be no in person hearings tomorrow at that location. Parties who have matters listed for tomorrow will be contacted by the chambers of the Federal Court judge in whose docket their matter is listed either this evening or in the morning, with further advice as to whether their matter can proceed in an online virtual hearing or not.

There will be further notices as the situation develops and members will be updated accordingly.

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