BarCare: Confidential Consultation, Counselling and Care



BarCare is an independent, professional counselling service, which helps the Bar to access appropriate psychological support when dealing with issues that may impact on their mental health and general wellbeing.

BarCare is available to all barristers and their immediate families.

BarCare has access to a wide network of professionals across NSW from different disciplines for referral purposes or to discuss aspects of treatment, including general, specialist and vicarious trauma focused health practitioners.

If you require confidential assistance, you are encouraged to contact Jenny Houen, Director, Care and Assistance, to arrange a consultation.

Members in rural and regional areas can contact BarCare for assistance in locating an appropriate specialist closer to home. Alternatively, clerks and colleagues in chambers can make a confidential referral.

To access more resources or to arrange a confidential consultation, visit or contact Jenny Houen, BarCare's Director, on 0427 317 958 or

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